Thursday, July 25, 2013

Product Review

Dover Sport Boot

When I am feeling to lazy to wrap Whin's legs I use the Dover Sport Boot.

Whin gives it Three Hooves up!

This Boot looks nice comes in black with white lining or white on white. This boot is also affordable. I have never used other brands of fleece lined boots but this is the most affordable one that I have been able to find. It also protects the leg well from knocks that might happen while riding.  I have found it to keep the leg cooler than polo wraps which is nice during the summer. The white cleans up better than I feared it would.  It doesn't stay looking new for ever but it cleans up well.

The only draw back is durability. I would not call it a rip off, it holds up reasonably but now that I have had a pair for about a year they are starting to look old.  The elastic is starting to wear out and the plastic on the out side is cracked.  I have ridden in them regularly for a year but my last pair of cheap neoprene boots lasted about 5 years.

Over all good for the price, and looks very nice!

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