Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wish List Show Season

I started doing these little out fit things... they are so fun, since Whin and I are going to a show next weekend I thought a show wish list would be in order. 
 Cream and Grey (I know the creams vary but I can only hope they would be close enough in real life)

Stock Tie: From Dressage Extensions permanent press stock tie
Dressage Jacket: Cavallo Galathea
Boots: Konig
Helmet: Charles Owen GR8 Black and Charcoal
Breeches: Pikeur Mondega Cream
Fly Hood: KL Select Cream and Grey
Saddle Pad: KL Select Cream and Grey

I think Cream and Grey would look dreamy on a chestnut (or any horse really)
Disclaimer, I am not sure if fly hoods are legal in dressage competitions, in the USA right now.

All King Edwards Horses Canter  Beautifully Forward

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