Sunday, July 21, 2013


Yesterday I rode Whin at the public arena I usually ride  at, it was deserted (not unusual for this heat). I was really trying to focus on getting her rounder.  I think she was although she also slows a little as she gets rounder.

Doing Canter trot transitions helped, I worked on true lead, trot, counter canter, trot. that really woke her up. I do have to leg her slightly to pick up the  counter canter to the right, but she is obedient. After cantering I brought her back to the trot and did more shoulder in to haunches in, she was much better, it seems that being forward fixes our haunches in problems.

Tomorrow I want to focus more on transitions in Warm up. Especially within the gait. To get her moving off my leg better.

Also I want to hack her out more, really get her endurance up, and do hill work.  I need to round some one up to come with me on a nice hack up the mountain!

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