Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting my feet wet

This was Whins first time out this week. I was a little under the weather so she had 3 days off. She came out really lazy, I think most horses get hotter when not ridden Whin gets more sluggish.  As a result going forward was all that we worked on today. Transitions in the gait, in between gaits. but that was one of my goals so I guess that was good.

After our work out I met up with some eventing friends who convinced me to try to get Whin in to a stream near by.  Whin does not, I repeat does not go into water, not puddles, not trickles of water... it doesn't happen.  
So we walked up to the water the other horses went in Whin stayed out, boy was she nervous, she really wanted to go with her buddies but she was too scared, so she stood shaking by the bank. It really was adorable and pathetic. I just don't think that spurs and whips help much in these situations when a horse is genuinely nervous about something.
One of my friends was wearing rubber boots so she hopped off her horse and tried to lead Whin in, Whin was not having it, It was like she wanted to go in, but was too scared. I thought If I just walk into the water she will decide its ok. I was in by yucky boots with holes any ways, so I bit the bullet.   I hopped off and waded into the stream... sure enough one hoof after the other Whin cautiously stepped in. I then mounted and rode around in the water for a bit.  Ironically she was hard to get back out.

With this mare sometimes I seriously wonder if she doesn't have a twisted sense of humor, that she is like, I am not getting wet  unless you are...
I swear she was laughing as we walked back to the trailer and with every step the water slogged around in my shoes.

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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