Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hula Dancing Horse

So the big accomplishment was a halt, I know I know, but last winter we completely lost the ability to halt. Whin developed what my trainer called a Hula Butt, meaning we halt the haunches swing left, then she shuffles forward and sometimes swings her haunches right. Needless to say we usually score a 5 on the halt.
Yesterday I decided I would run over some things that were in the tests we are going to do this weekend. The halt being one of these movements. I had her trotting nicely I put my legs on took a deep breath and thought about riding each hoof to a halt,
And she did, no Hula Butt every hoof landed and stayed where it was!
I also figured out how to half-halt a bit better, I need to release the pressure (I know duh, that is like the first thing one ever learns about the half halt) even if I didn't feel her round up that little bit more, I think Whin is reacting and I am just not being sensitive enough yet to feel it, then if I want more roundness I just repeat the half halt.
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