Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Local Championships

So  this really is not a big deal, but to me it is kind of a nice thing. I received an email that says that Whin and I qualified for the little local dressage championships.
Last year I went to two really little not even scored schooling shows, I was a ball of nerves and Whin spent most of the warm up rearing, bolting and spooking at every thing from the 4wheeler bringing hay, to the trainer standing still by the side of the arena. It was a mess. So I set my goals low and decided I would take a try at the "short tour" my GMO was hosting this year, with a championship class at the end. I thought it would be a fun way to get Whin and I accustomed to showing and not have the presser of a recognized show or qualifying for Regional Championships.

So this year Whin has grown up a ton and has been a star at shows, she only bucked in one of our tests. (Thanks to the public arena, one day I will have a whole post about public arenas). She is even calmer than my first horse, Pixie, a seasoned had been there done that ottb.  So I am happy with our little accomplishment, over coming my nerves and Whins... Chestnut Mareishness, enough to qualify for the Short Tour Championships.

Who knows maybe next year we will try to qualify for regional Championships

All Fat Bay Mares Can Hardly Ever Kick

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