Saturday, July 13, 2013

Horse Show

A blurry picture of Whin clean and ready for the show!

I am so proud of Whin today, we went to a little local show, She did so nicely. She is growing up I no longer feel like I am going to die when we ride in crowded  warm up arenas.

We still have a lot to work on but we won both our test with decent scores.  I need to work on the  geometry, that held us back a bit. Our second test was better geometry wise but we were both tired (we both need to get into better shape).

The good: Our halts were respectable no hula butt, and we nailed the trot canter trot transition. Only three strides of trot! Better leg yields than in other tests

The Bad: I got too greedy on what was probably the best lengthening we have ever done, so she broke to canter.

The Beautiful: Whin all clean and braided.

The Ugly:  A Huge spook when the Judge rang the bell.

All and all it was a good day winning both our tests, I think with more mileage for both of us we will get better and better!

All King Edwards Horses Carry Many Brave Fellows

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