Saturday, July 6, 2013


Whin was good today, we practiced some of the stuff we worked on in our lesson. We even had a few really nice strides in the haunches in right. (gotta count the baby steps). 

The Canter work was nice, although we were having a tough time getting the the walk right away. maybe I should practice this a little less. Whin over thinks it and gets a bit stressed, they seem to get worse not better if I work on them 3 + times a week maybe once or twice is better.

Yesterday I didn't have time to ride so I just worked in hand nothing big I just wanted to get her brain going. I sure got a work out though, running around with a 16.3 horse is tiring! Its good for me and much needed I am out of shape.

All King Edwards Horses Canter Merrily Between Fences

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