Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Light Bulb

I had a great ride today, there were some workers building a shed and other horses in the Arena so Whin was nice and forward. She was ohh so very light in the bridle, sitting on her haunches (well at least as much as we do in our showing first level schooling second sort of way), prompt off the leg. Basicly a dream horse to ride.
In last weeks lesson I learned that trying to twist my body into a pretzel during renvers, and haunches in is counter productive.  When I sit up striaght Whin can do nice almost forward going lateral work. It was an epifany.
Mabey one day I will figure out how to get out of Whin's way and then we will have nice rides all the time.
All King Edward's Horses Can't Make Big Fences

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