Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Flying Changes, and I mean flying

I had a illustration conference and then got a cold so poor Whin was neglected for the past 4 days. but I got well for my riding lesson. We took it easy today as I was still recovering from my cold. However we did work on the flying change. 
It was better, as in I got some reaction instead of Whin just going, "I have no idea why you are flopping around like that so I am going to pretend I don't notice it". we picked up counter canter and in the corner turned her a little sharply and viola she changes... but only in front.
The first time we stopped her from cross cantering. the Second time (note there was now a lady letting her horses buck around on the lounge at this point) She only changed the front again, but this time my trainer told me to ask again, after asking a few more times and a tap with the whip the hind leg changed. 
My trainer clapped I dropped a rein to give her a big pat and whoosh, we launched into the stratosphere. It did take me an embarrassing amount of time to get her under control due to the fact I was one handed but I stayed on so no biggy.
The last time we got the hind leg  quicker (in just a few more strides), I know this really isn't a real flying change and is more flying than change but, It gives me hope that one day she will do them properly!

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool

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