Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentine

Whin was my valentine and I got her these.....
Bling Bell Boots

And she was a complete pain in the neck.
I had to ride later than normal. I thought because it was Valentines that every one would be on hot dates...
Nope apparently lots of people are losers, like me, and did not have that "special someone" to go out with. So there were oodles of horses.  Because Whin has been doing better I thought I could get on and ride. However Whin popping up while I was trying to do up her girth convinced me other wise.

I busted out the lounge line, hoping that I could keep the explosions to a minimum if I just had her walk trot for a while.


First she nearly ran me over and when I got after her for that she reared and nearly toppled over.  She had her usual antics and some extra after that, she took me arena skiing for a bit, where all I could do is hold on and scream "HEADS UP" as she tore away bucking.
Through all this her polos started to slip so I stopped to take them off. Apparently that was the cue that all the craziness was over and she lounged quietly for the rest of the time.
I hopped on and she was very lovely. We worked on shoulder in the Renvers.  I discovered that if I bring my hands closer together and try to keep them very still she carries herself better (self carrage)  that was a nice discovery

Today she was very good 

I found a horse personality test 

Whin apparently is a perfectionist. I would not have thought of this before but it kind of makes sense. When I start new movements (or jump) she gets really frustrated. I think this is because she is a perfectionist. She wants to do it right and if she feels she isn't she becomes flustered. 
Keeping this in mind we worked on our canter/walk/counter canter transitions. 

She was starting to get flustered so I walked for a moment, then when I asked and she picked up the lead I wanted I would praise her. Whin got nice and forward and even picked up the counter canter going around  a corner.  

I was very proud of her!

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool

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