Thursday, February 27, 2014

Barn Dog

Panda is learning to be a barn dog!
She has a healthy fear of Whin which I think is great, I would rather never have her chase Whin or be under Whin's feet.

Whin is learning to be a third level horse... well OK we have a long ways to go, but she is trying her heart out. We had a lesson and we worked on flying changes again (I swear by the time we get this we will have tried every trick in the book) We started out doing canter, walk leg yield the direction we were just cantering then pick up counter canter. 

Whin did well with it, she did keep bulging her left shoulder out, but she did well.

Then we tried flying change, She reacts now and she is trying her hardest to figure out what I want. to the right she was changing behind when I asked and then the front a while later, 
To the left she was changing the front and then the back... far from perfect but Whin sure is trying. I think if I play around with it enough she will start understanding.

She can do nice flying changes... just not when I ask for them. 
I am very pleased with Whin for trying so hard for me.

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool

PS I may or may not have ordered a little more Bling, and polos to match my new saddle pad.

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