Monday, February 17, 2014


It's Monday and apparently Whin was feeling refreshed from her day off.

We worked on canter transitions and half pass again. Again praising her seemed to really work. the transitions are easier and easier. I do need to keep her balanced better on the counter canter so that she can make the canter walk transition better.

Whin started out slow as usual and then she got really lovely (after a bit of encouragement from me) I was having such a fun time riding her trot I forgot to do anything for a bit. 
I gave her a break and then she was leaning on my hands a bit, I shortened my reins and much to my surprise she came lighter in the bridle... go figure.

I am really liking keeping my hands closer together as Whin seems to go better. 

well that is all for today.

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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