Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Whin wearing green and white
We had our lesson today, It was really good. I realized that I don't ask for enough. I need to insist that Whin go forward and not give me a little trot, even in the warm up.
We worked on canter transitions, they were prompt because I made her go forward in the warm up. I let her get to flat during the transitions and she stopped picking up the counter canter. I need to make sure she isn't falling on the forehand then she can pick up the counter canter easily.
After that we  did the same thing with simple changes it blows Whins mind a little still to do multiple simple changes, I am not sure how to get her over that. Then to finish off we did Halfpass at the walk, we are still very new to it but Whin doesn't make a fuss of it so I think that we will improve quickly.

Having well deserved turnout after our lesson
 All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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