Saturday, February 8, 2014


A friend was taking pictures and was kind enough to snap a few of Whin and I.

Whin has been really good the last couple of days.  I found out what kind of music she likes. She kept spooking at the classical music I was playing... it turns out she is a Vampire Weekend fan (if you don't know them you should look them up.)  It gets her going forward a bit easier. So maybe I should change my plans on what music to use for a freestyle.

Yesterday I made Whin go twice, as she always wants to quite on me in the second test at shows. She handled it well, and boy we got a nice medium trot. It was nice, lifting the shoulders all the way across the diagonal!

As Whin goes more forward she tends to lean down on the bit somewhat. Today that didn't happen when she started to get heavy I did what my trainer calls the Kyra Kyrklund half halt. the Leg on sit up tall. Whin sits back a bit more when I do this and she wasn't heavy at all today.

We worked on Shoulder in to Renvers. She was transitioning between the 2 much more quickly today it was great!

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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