Friday, January 31, 2014

Matchy Matchy

A friend was at the arena today so I forced her into taking a picture of Whin and I matching. Don't mind my fly away hair. I don't know how people manage to look nice while riding.

We had our first lesson in 3 weeks yesterday. It was great. I think Whin was showing off a bit for our instructor. We got the best medium trot we have ever gotten, and a couple steps of Piaffe (hey you've got to start somewhere). The  Flying changes are still nonexistent but now she reacts. She trots for a stride and then picks up the new lead.It is a work in progress. 

we still don't halt.
Whin was well behaved today I made her go over the raised trot poles and a baby cross rail, which was stressy at first and then she relaxed about it.  My trainer taught me a new way to half halt, which I like, It really helps to balance a horse. I put my leg on and then sit back on my pockets a little more. it really helps to bring Whin round. Also in the canter to the right if I bend her a little more to the inside and ask her to keep going forward it really helps her to be round. 

I also want to think of different patterns to do with lateral work. when I shake things up it makes her listen better.

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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