Saturday, January 4, 2014

Riding in 2014

OK sorry for totally abandoning this blog for several months. However  I have some good news I now have a way to take pictures, so my blog posts can have pics of Whin!

Some things worth mentioning are that Whin got a haircut which saves me soooo much time. I ride at a heated public arena. She had a woolly mamoth coat and then would sweat buckets, so the hair had to go. I wanted a nice trace clip but Whin is very ticklish, so it ended up being somewhat of a modified Irish clip. And the weather got cold snowy and slick so with it went turnout and Whin's brain.

The thing that really gets Whin is other horses, I have mostly been in barns that were very small and usually Whin and I had the whole thing to ourselves... now I ride in a public arena.

Today the arena looked like this ^^  trailers and horses every where! And  to top it off some were breaking  race horses O: From the moment I pulled up I knew it wasn't going to be my day.

Whin Modeling her pink outfit.
I gave it my best shot we made it through the warm up walk before the fireworks started at least.  Whin is very tricky about it too, She will go around perfectly round very nicely and wham  all 4 feet in the air. And of course every one is looking at me like holy cow get a grip, girl.

I am pretty sure this is how we looked today.
At least this is how it felt.
what happened to my dressage horse???
 Maybe one day I will be one of those riders that can magically feel before the buck/rear/leap happens and stop it, but not today.  So I did my best, and to my defense I did stop a few rocket launches, and was feeling pretty good about it. When I was quickly humbled. I put Whin into I nice shoulder in when suddenly It was as if I was riding a Pegasus. Lift off was so forceful I made a very unflattering Hurrgghh and then we sailed through the air (I flew slightly higher than Whin) I think I flailed around a bit trying to find something to hold on to. we landed together fortunately, and went back to shoulder in.
I did this a bit more and called it quits. I don't think I was going to win today so I stopped on a good note.
Hacking out after riding
Whin and I went for a nice hack (all by are lonesomes) to end the bad ride, I think we both needed it. But I think I am getting old because even when I stay on these bucks it makes my back terribly soar.

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool

p.s. will some one please tell Whin that she is not a Lipizzaner and "airs above the ground" are not required.

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