Monday, January 27, 2014

Dressage Diva's at Heart.

So I did my last post last Friday, then somehow forgot to push publish. oh well.

The Jumping... well lets just say the Whin and I are dressage divas at heart. Whin was crazy when I got to the arena  so before the other people showed up I lunged her in a halter. She got the bucks out and then I tacked her up. She was very good considering there were at least 7 other horses jumping with us.

Whin was feeling pretty good about the trot poles to a tiny jump but then a bounce got put up and we spent some time going backward away from it. Some one handed me a crop and Whin decided she could go over them again (or through them again, the concept of jumping from a trot is lost on Whin).

So now all my eventing friends know that me and Whin do dressage, and even though Whin is tall and lanky it doesn't mean she is going to be going around Rolex or even the grasshopper division any time soon.

On a side note, I live in what was once the Wild West and at the public arena I am greatly outnumbered by barrel racers, reiners and cowboys and girls. It was so much fun to ride in a big group of English riders. Especially when a Cowboy walked in and was taken aback by the number of English riders in the arena. He even asked if we had rented the place (;.

So today we were back to dressage (I think Whin was all the more happy to do it because I wasn't making her go over any jumps). But I did discover something last Saturday in my haste to lounge I just clipped the lounge line to her halter. I realized that with out side reins she doesn't start to lean on me. Today she was a little high while tacking up so I did the same. It works out really well. I got on, all the sillies had gotten out while Whin was on the lounge. and I had a very nice ride.

We worked on shoulder in to Travers and then Shoulder in to Renvers. She tends to not do it as well on the right, today I realized that her inside right hind was being too slow. A little tap helps her quicken it and the Shoulder in improved immensely.

Well that is all for today!

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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