Monday, January 27, 2014

Bitten by the Bling Bug

So I think I have officially been bitten by the Bling Bug. I seriously feel that Whin needs more sparkle in her life. I am going to blame Edward Gal for having  wonderful gold Bell Boots, I know that happened a while ago but really they are pretty awesome(and I just found the pics).
 So Whin probley needs shiny bell boots, at least ones with some crystals on the top! (As I lost one boot and my other pair are nearly torn to bits) Any ways I think I should pull together an out fit full of bling soon and post it on here.

On to training, Whin has more or less been an angel of late.  Yesterday she was wonderful. She seems to be understanding about my leg much better. (I will be the first to admit she is a sensitive horse and I was just gripping with my leg but since I am improving she can be sensitive again) She is also understanding that she needs to not fall on the forehand. she was being so good anytime I put a slight  pressure with my leg she would come lighter in the forehand. It is fantastic

well tomorrow we will try jumping wish me luck!

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