Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Horse is Back!

back to normal that is, evil twin has gone and Whin is back to her normal self!

Tuesday I got there and no one else was in the arena so I let Whin run around, I think she enjoyed it!

She was ok but I think I had backed off the leg too much while she was crazy, and she had gotten on the forehand from lounging. So she was behind my leg and on the forehand.

But after 2 days of working on it we ended yesterday on a really good note she was sitting on her haunches and forward. we finally got to work on shoulder in on the circle. She was still a little low on the circle but then when I went down the long side she really came up and started to sit more.

Today she was really good again we worked on canter transitions, canter, trot, counter canter, and so forth.  It went well. transitions are not something I can work her with too much she gets really hot and strong, and stops thinking.  I need to just sprinkle them in my work out rather than work on them specifically.  This is making it hard to teach the flying change, as good transitions are the key.

I still need to work on them as she tends to fall on the forehand in downward transitions. but I will just need to be clever about it to keep her from getting stressed.

On another note, whin suddenly understands halfsteps. She offered some steps fairly quickly, but for a long time I only got 2 or three. Last Tuesday she suddenly decided she could do it for much longer. Hopefully this means that she is getting stronger!

A friend made me this lovely saddle cover to match our pink outfit! 
I tell people I didn't have a pony when I was a little girl so now my poor redhead has to wear pink to make up for it. (At least Whin is a mare!)

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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