Monday, March 17, 2014


Last Saturday we had a jump lesson. Whin may be a jumper yet, She is starting to pick up her feet and actually jump over them. (even though they are itty bitty little things...hey what do you want from a couple of aspiring Dressage Queens?) And when I remember that I don't have to suddenly throw my reins away a stride before the jump she went over them nice and calm.

You would think that I would figure out the whole nice calm riding thing because I have focused on dressage for the last 11 years...but my crazed eventing days come back, and all of a sudden I think we need to fly at the 12 inch jumps to make it over. 
(yes I realize that, that is not a safe way to jump but I fear that I was "that girl" in my eventer days fortunately I had a gem of a jumper that saved my behind all the time, in fact if I tried to take more control she was kind of like "get outta my way kid")

We also have gotten semi reliable at changes after jumps... the problem being, that we aren't really collected which is  the point in dressage, the moment I want her in a nice frame she seems to forget how to do them.

After I went to a improve your seat clinic, it was also somewhat of a save your back clinic. It was really good.  I learned loads of excises to help you strengthen your core and keep your back healthy. In fact my hip which is in pain often, stopped hurting after wards. I think I will keep the exercises and stretches going because I feel so much better.

Yesterday I washed Whins tail. At the clinic I saw a tail that was to die for, it was short just at the hocks and I decided that Whins tail should be shortened, its not quiet as short (some times Whin thinks she is an Arab and holds her tail quiet high) or as full (she rubs out her tail every time she goes into heat) but it looks nice now, she is no longer the hippy horse with dreads in her tail.

I tend to be hands off with tails and trimming, I feel that tails break off less when they aren't groomed so I usually only brush when we are going to shows, that leaves the whole winter for it to grow out.  I also leave a bit of feathers on her legs and I leave all her whiskers, and the hair inside her ears so that she can be protected from bugs.

I have yet to find a fly veil (for riding) that fits her adorable giant ears.

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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