Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Burst My Bubble

I Videoed my ride yesterday....
 Let's just say that it was kind of like those Memes
What I think I do

and what I actually Do

Ok maybe these are a bit extreme, I am well aware I don't ride like Charlotte, and we are not quite as bad as the bronc picture. But I think I am riding and have soft hands ect. but just like in the picture my right hand is going all over the place. And my body subtly rocks side to side so I am unintentionally see- sawing her mouth all the time...

And I think what is my problem!

I guess the first part of fixing a problem is knowing it exists, back to putting my knuckles together as I ride to keep that rouge right hand in control, I hope that, that will also stop the rocking side to side.

And the worst part was we had a rodeo and the battery died before it could catch it on tape!

On the good side, I got Whin clean enough to be presentable on video, and her frame is slowly but surely sitting more behind and lifting in front.

Also from a feel perspective and video perspective the canter is going great, the last 2 rides Whin has magically become very light and soft. From a video perspective  my right hand is more under control and my shoulders don't rock back and forth.

So Whin is doing great and I ride lousy, ohh well I am easier to fix!

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