Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Common Cold

Whin is finally over her cold!
And polo wraps to match this set^^ arrived yesterday!
Along with a bling dressage whip.  I will try to convince some one to take pictures tomorrow.
The saddle pad and fly veil are Horze brand, and they seem very well constructed, The polos (not pictured) are also Horze and they came in a very nice sturdy bag (not a flimsy one that will easily fall apart) and came with a wash bag. I have yet to wrap them but the fabric seems to be a nice thickness. I am incredibly pick about my polo wraps.

Whin also got her teeth checked and shots on Saturday so we should be good to go this show season.
however I had her tied to my friends trailer when she got very excited and pulled back the little bit of metal broke right off the trailer and she went prancing through the neighbors yard then The vet, and my friends coaxed her into the pasture. 

Luckly I had already put her front shipping boots on so she was not hurt by the metal bit on her lead rope... but good grief, just when I think she is finaly growing up...

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool

PS. The bell boots are centaur they seem to be good for the price, and are so cute and sparkly.

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