Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey all, I didn't manage to get pictures of our newly completed "winter blue" outfit. Or our sparkly whip. However I was very proud of Whin today.
1. she hasn't been ridden in a week
2. she is in raging heat
3. there were near hurricane conditions today (ok I am exaggerating but only slightly)

And Whin kept it together.  Only one time when we were doing half pass did she try to rocket off but she came back very quickly and we went on our way half passing across the arena.

We worked on lateral work on the circle, shoulder in to haunches in to shoulder in to haunches out to shoulder out, and so forth.  In all the gaits. Whin is wonderful in the walk the slightest shift of weight and she will change bend. 

She felt the canter shoulder in was very hard, but after some coaxing she went along quiet well.  The shoulder out in the canter was easy oddly enough and it really helped her to jump more in the canter.

I was very pleased with her today!

All King Edwards Horse Can Make Best Friends

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