Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Painting on tiles.

Those of you following this blog probably know that Paint, So when my friend wanted me to paint horses on to tile for her new home I couldn't refuse.

She had beautiful stone tile.

I wanted the beauty of the original stone to show through so I thought that doing simple line work would be the best choice.

the paint was tricky at first... according to youtube I needed a primer and then a paint... but that was difficult to find, in the end I got a primer/paint in a spray can.

I did a test tile and used  a wet rag and steel wool to make sure that the paint would stay on the tile... luckily it did. painting on tile can be tricky I think it helped that this was stone rather than ceramic.

I sprayed a bit of the primer/paint on a paper plate (never put spray paint on plastic, it eats through and you end up with Jackson Pollack graffiti on the floor. Not that I would know from experience... of course not) and used a brush to paint it on the tiles.

over all I am happy with how they turned out, I hope my friend likes them!

I have been getting a lot of good feed back about these, I am working on getting together an etsy shop with similar items. In the mean time if you would like something similar please email me at  kimberlistudio@gmail.com


  1. Wow,very nice , from one artist to another!

  2. Oh wow! They are amazing ... you are so talented! I would LOVE something like that for my house! :)

  3. Thank yo,u thank you, you guys are very kind!