Monday, August 19, 2013

Techie Fail

Last Saturday I took the video camera to the barn. I haven't had my ride filmed since Whin was 4 and had been under saddle for about 60 days. So a lot has changed (hopefully for the better) in that time. I warmed up, then hit record and pointed it in the direction of the arena.

We had a descent ride, It was storming so Whin was a little on edge but she settled in nicely. I practiced the movements that are challenging to see if I could glean insight on how to preform them better.  I did Shoulder and Haunches straight at the camera to see if we had enough angle etc. 

At the end  of it all I hopped of turned off the camera packed up Whin and headed home, eager to see the video... however I had only filmed 1 second of the door to the arena.  So much for all the wealth of knowledge I was going to get from watching my self ride.  Hopefully I can convince some one to film me at the show on Friday.

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool

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