Friday, August 16, 2013

Canter Piaffe?!?

Along with thinking that Halting really means hula dancing, Whin is convinced that Canter Piaffe is a thing. 
 What is a Canter Piaffe you may ask,
It is attempting to canter with very little forward movement, sitting down on the haunches and lightening the forehand.

(Occasionally this leads to Whin's version of Levade).

How does one aid for the Canter Piaffe?
Just about any way that is unclear, confusing or new.

As you may have been able to glean we do quiet a bit of Canter Piaffe, especially lately since my trainer discovered that we could not  reinback and our turns on the haunches were rusty. With all the new/rusty aids, I have had my hands full (or rather trying not to confine her too much (epic fail)) of trying to convince Whin that no test at any point in her career will ask for the canter piaffe.

I wish I could report that I have made a break through, and Whin now realises canter piaffe is not a desirable thing,(And that she is not doing the levade correctly, so she should just give it up) but I haven't. Perhaps contacting the FEI and convincing them to add the canter piaffe  in to the Grand Prix would be easier.

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool


  1. My Camera is broken and I have no photographer, but I may have made all this misbehavior seem more glamourus than it really is. Canter Piaffe and Levade are nice was of saying that Whin's chestnut mareishness was showing, and that I am a less than perfect rider (understatment).