Monday, August 26, 2013

Local Championships and the Diva Mare

So The last show of the season (for Whin and I) has come and gone, While I am ready for a break next April seems like ages and ages away.
Poor little Diva Mare had a very hard show this weekend.  She was pulled away from her morning graze stuffed into a trailer and driven up a windy canyon. Her morning graze was replaced with a bag of dry tasteless hay, what an insult (She wonders why I think that this is an acceptable trade.) Then she was fussed over had a saddle thrown on her back and was made to prance around the warm up.
Then we went into the arena and the judge dares to whistle at her (after getting an off course whistle at the last show she is convinced that it is highly offensive) She did her best in that first test but with all the trauma of the day she could barely keep up the energy by the end of the test.
Then to top off  after having her graze cut short, her hay taken away, and being whistled at, I made her do it again with hardly a break in between. Poor Whin just couldn't handle it all. So to let me know how she was feeling. She kept stopping in the middle of movements.  She just wasn't going to be treated so.
So much for our championship class, I decided to gracefully excuse ourselves rather than having a large and bronco filled  "discussion" in front of an audience. I don't know if it was the best decision to make, and maybe I am the Diva for not wanting the audience to see the "discussion" and get the awful score, but that is how the cookie crumbled.
Whin thinks I should just be happy with the blue we got for our first test.... but she didn't see how big the championship ribbons were!
With all this there were many good things about the show one of them being that I rented a stall and Whin was actually able to sit back and relax, even after seeing a train for the first time. ( Trains have highly offensive whistles and clearly eat horses for breakfast.) Also the first test was nothing to be ashamed about we even scored respectable under a harder scoring judge. So all in all the show was good, we just have some things to iron out before our second level debut next year. 
All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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