Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Review

I was painting a picture to go with this post but, I decided to just post with out it since I have a booth selling art at a local comic convention next week and I am crazy busy trying to get ready for that.

Last Thursday I had a lesson.  We ran through second level test 1. Oh boy am I out of practice with my geometry. Um lets just say that we kind of looked drunk making our way around the menage.
 I have been going on about changes for weeks now and they are finally getting a bit better, however we tried to do the serpentine at the canter and what does Miss smarty pants do...
 flying changes, nice clean ones.

Just 2 weeks ago we could counter canter on circles bending to the inside...

I suppose it was to be expected, and secretly I am not %100 displeased with this development. But to get her to stay on the counter canter I have to sit to the outside, and I mean I feel like Squanto leaning off the side of my horse!

Friday we did Hill work

Saturday we jumped

and I have video evidence!
2 feet, the highest Whin has jumped. I know its tiny still, but for a couple of dressage diva's its a big deal!

We have to trot the jump because I don't remember well enough what the striding is so I just sit there ready for two point, and poor Whin is like "you tell me what to do every stride, and you abandon me now!?!" and that results in us knocking it over because we never actually jump.

But considering 2 months ago we were having conniption fits about a 6" bounce we have made good progress!

Monday,  we worked on halts. because they don't exist. Some how the further up the levels we go the worse are halts get.

Now they are halt almost square, then do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around.  I think it is because I am asking Whin to be more forward and more hot,as a result she can no longer hold still.

In the end we got a few decent halts, with Whin's diva personality we halt and I have to immediately start patting her and telling her how wonderful she is so that she will relax and understand that this is what she is supposed to do.

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

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