Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I got to ride Whin today, seriously I feel like I haven't hardly ridden her lately. It was a snowy cold day today which had Whin a little on edge.

Before I even got on Whin was giving me the signs that she might be evil twin today (She actually is a twin)  So I started off with some ground work to try to get her brain with me. I did some turns on the forehand, halts and turn on the haunches. When she was able to halt I hopped on and started our ride. A friend was there so I forced her to take pics.

They aren't the best quality and she was only there for the warm up but I just cant get enough pictures of my Whin!

We just worked on shoulder in haunches in, because that is a nice controlled exercise, she wanted to blow up once but she let me diffuse it.
We did do some Canter shoulder in she thinks that is hard. I haven't done very much lateral work in the canter so it is time to get on that!

The good news is that now I am feeling confident in my canter walk transitions. We got every tranistion but one, and I knew she wasn't collected enough to do it. So as long as I stick to my guns and collect her canter, I think those will not be a problem.

I am just crossing my fingers that this video works. This is also from out warm up. Please don't Judge us too harshly!

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool

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