Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Coaster!

I have been experimenting  with new colors of coasters.

So far I am happy with a really light one with dark paint

I have also been experimenting with different types of paint, because spray paint does not agree with me.  It is fun to get messy, I work digitally so much these days its rare that I get my hands messy (at least while painting)

I have some dark tiles that I am experimenting with too

Once I get one that I am happy with on the dark tile I will post it.

And here is a coaster in use!

I am having tons of fun with these coasters! I feel that I will need to have a hot chocolate party so that I have an excuse to use them!

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

PS If you are interested in the light coasters they are available on my Etsy Shop, just follow the link on the side of this blog.

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