Tuesday, April 1, 2014


My poor Whin has been so neglected. she had three days off. I finally managed to sneak in a ride on her yesterday.
I have been riding in the arena quiet late at night so I surprised when the arena was full, and I am not sure that Whin ever goes out of heat so, I was a little nervous.

It's also nerve racking because some of the other riders were barrel racers which means they go from 0-30 in about 5 seconds, Whin thinks that they are spooking or something because she usually reacts to them but yesterday she was not bad, we had a few mini reactions but nothing big.

She even got so good I though I would try some flying changes. At first she wouldn't collect in the canter she would be flat and then when I asked for more collection she broke to the trot, I gave her a few taps and she decided she could manage to come up instead of just breaking gait.
I discovered something,with the changes, It will have to change eventually  but it works better for now.  My trainer was telling me to switch the position of my leg  before I asked for the change. I think she meant with in the same stride but I started doing a stride before I ask and then Whin started to do changes.
For now I will keep this up but I realize it will have to go faster, eventually for tempis.

another thing I discovered are

 These^^ I love them.
 Whey are perfect for an after ride wipe down. I got a bit carried away cleaned my saddle, girth, and both bridles. But everything needed a cleaning!

All King Edwards Horses Can Make Best Friends

PS I am sorry I wanted to post new coasters this weekend but it got kinda crazy. I will keep you posted.

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