Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Lesson Update

Hey all  Thougtht I would write a quick post before I forget everything that we went over in my lesson.  Went for a lesson with my trainer yesterday and it was so good. However my muscles are rebelling today.

We arrived and Whin knew she had to be on best she automatically went round (the last lesson with this trainer we really worked on working her through her whole body instead of just setting her head) And stayed there for most of the ride. So we moved on to things like my position.

It is so much easier to Fix Whins problems than it is to fix mine. Stirrups were lengthened and I was reminded frequently to keep weight in my heels even when reminding Whin not to flirt with the handsome Intermediate gelding.

Also I have mentioned on here about my rouge right hand, It wobbles all about, because my elbow isn't close enough to my side.

I also need to push my hands towards Willow at the canter and walk more.  

And boy did we go forward, I have never asked a horse to go so forward in my life. We started in the canter and and my trainer said "give her a pop" at first I was unsure what she wanted because it was a comfortable canter... then she repeated it, I figured out she wanted me to ask Whin forward, so I asked and she repeated it 2 more times, boy were we flying and the most magical thing happened, Whins harder side at the canter got more balanced and uphill.  

So lots of things to work on, mainly me... but I am just thrilled. We have been focusing so much on basics, seriously I have hardly asked for any real movements in the last couple of months, but I feel so much more confident now that Whin is really through, I think it will improve even more when I have my position and Whin going forward!

So its just after the new year and every one is making resolutions, but I feel like I am in a bit of a transition period with my riding. I would like to push on to third level but we are so unpreppared.  Some holes were discovered in my training and riding so until those are filled we need to step back from competition and really get those right.

Come show season, if we are not schooling changes I might try second level again, and attempt to redeem myself (;, but if we are schooling changes I would rather not confuse Whin with the counter canter.

In short my goals are all entirely training based. Right now they are to to continue to get Whin truly through and over the top line, and build strength. To have Whin in front of my leg, and to get weight into my heels and my rouge elbow by my side!

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