Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Still Alive

Hey all I haven't blogged in a long time, after that last so every thing sort of went out the window for the rest of the season.
I got really busy and flustered and as a result Whins brain went away and we spent the rest of the summer literally going backwards, so after some dreadful shows (please do not even tell me what I scored) we took some time to hack out and unwind, and now we are back to work.

I had a lesson with my second trainer (who had just gotten back from 2 weeks of training with Debbie McDonald, I am hoping those good riding skills seep through to me eventually.) It was a great lesson and I learned a lot, it was a bit different then usual so I wanted to blog about it before I forget. We worked  on Whin being really through an honest to the bit. I didn't realize how dishonest she was being until that lesson ( and boy does she regret that I ever learned).

My trainer had us do leg yeilds to the outside when she was honest to the outside rien then we would go straight and really let her take some nice big steps, when she lost the honesty or if she wasn't through on the inside rein we would do a Renver. 

I need to remeber to really make her be through and accepting of the bridle at the walk before I ask for anything else.
Also I need to expect more of her from the begining and even in warm up have her have a nice shape in her neck instead of just dropping her head.

So now that we are both tired and soar, we will continue on so that we can keep the connection through movements as well!

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