Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Patience Young Padawan

So Whin and I are on the right track.  My leg is doing better, I have realized that if I can feel my shin touching the girth that seems to be the right spot.

In our lesson yesterday we worked on going forward and back in the canter, with much better results than before. It seems that if I use my outside hand and follow it up with a little inside spur we collect better.  Also I need to think of the collected canter as still being big I tend to squash it a bit.   We also did some walk canter's with better success than before.  there are a few trot steps to the right but we aren't completely dying and splatting on the forehand.

Also in the trot walk transition I found that if I give an encouraging tap with the whip her hind end jumps underneath her.

We are just working on basics and my trainer says we will slowly work our way in to doing movements but hopefully they will be much easier once we fill in the holes. And who knows maybe we will finally get those flying changes that we were working so long for.

I just need to have patience!

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