Sunday, June 22, 2014

Second Level Debut

Whin and I went to our first Rated Show together.  I have only been to 2 rated shows and that was nearly 10 years ago!

I don't know why but sometimes it seems like things just go wrong when preparing for horse shows. I was going to try wire to Braid Whins mane but I couldn't find it so I threw in some rubber bands which I was less than thrilled about.

So by this time I am running late due to the braiding issue and Panda finding a dead mouse and using it as a chew toy. She knew I was going to try to get it away from her so she escaped and I had to chase her down.

Then as  I was trailering I ran into a Parade and drove around for 15 minutes before I decided to double back and take another route.

I finally made it to the show late and flustered, but a really nice lady helped me back my trailer in  which helped relieve stress, however I managed to lose my phone, It had dropped down into the parking lot dirt, I found it before an one ran it over thank goodness.

Whin came off the trailer like a fire breathing dragon, So I threw her tack on her and we went into warm up.

I was still quite flustered and Whin was still a bit fire breathing so we walked for a long time. There was a Friesan in the warm up that Whin didn't like and so we had little mini meltdowns every time we passed him. but finally he went to do his test and both me and Whin settled down.

Whin really started to go well and all of my nerves melted away. I actually learned a really good thing in that warm up. half halts need to come from the leg, almost completely for Whin she just sort of compresses her self if I do that.

I also periodical need to push my hands forward to help her come over the back more.

So our turn came up and we entered the ring. I did feel that it was the best test I had ridden.  we had a spook in the stretchy circle  but she came back to me really quickly and stretched way down but the circle was a weird shape and then on our 15 meter canter circle I got so caught up on getting her more through that I forgot to steer. but every thing else I felt good about.

As we were warming up for our second test my friend came over to the rail with a big smile on her face. I stopped to talk to her and she congratulated me, I guess I didn't respond correctly because she asked me If I had seen my test I answered no, she gave me the good news that I had gotten a 70%.  I was over the moon, its the highest score I have ever gotten and we got it at our first rated show!

Whin felt with me in the second warm up which she isn't always on the second one. and we went in to do our Second Level debut. as we were rounding the corner to enter at A Whin spooked and took off head in the air at a wild gallop into the arena.
I couldn't help but grin madly at our modification to the test , enter A Wild gallop x halt salute.  She came back to me quickly but It threw off the first 2 scores.  I felt pretty good about the second test there was still some steering errors (really when I learn how to steer it will help my scores) Whin was willing but tiered so we lost some of the spark, but I felt we put in a good test.

We scored 62% my goal had been to get above a 60% so goal achieved, Now if I can learn to steer we will be doing great!

Also It was a secret goal of mine to score a 70% at first level before I moved on so It was a great day for achieving goals!

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