Thursday, June 26, 2014


My trainer was out of town this week so I set up a lesson with another trainer  who is a bit farther away but a very accomplished.

It was a very good lesson, I learned a bunch. I think it is good to get another opinion on things because, a new trainer my have a different technique or say something differently that just clicks.

This lesson was all that I hoped it would be.

we worked alot on the canter walk transition, as Whin falls on the forehand.

It turns out Whin curls her haunches to the inside and locks up and falls on to her forehand so in order to fix it  we started riding leg yields through the transition. And I mean we rode a leg yield. At first I thought she meant to ride a leg yield feeling, No she wanted side ways steps.

The downwards transitions improved and became more up hill but we will really need to work on them! The trainer also said that in 2 weeks Whin will always want to leg yield over and then I will need to work on getting her straight again.

I guess its like Painting, there is always a point when you are part way through where the painting looks terrible its just blobs of color here and there, but you have to go through that point to make the painting good.

Things that were emphasised were the bend, really asking her to bend around my inside leg, and always riding a leg yield to the outside while on the circle 

(I guess leg yielding is kinda important)

Another thing that I noticed was everything had to be done well.  every turn on to center line and every transition had to be done right or it was repeated until it was good, even when we were all done and I let her walk, that trot walk transition needed to be ridden well.

That is defiantly something I need to work on!

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