Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Whin vs the Pig

My neighbors have a mini petting zoo, with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks a goose and a pot bellied pig. Whin does not eat the pasture down enough to keep it from getting really long and a bit out of hand. So the petting  zoo comes over to help her out.

I decided to ride her at home yesterday, the weather has been nice and not too wet, and we have a little hill in the back so I do our hill work on it.  Well yesterday the pig was visiting and it decided that it did not like Whin and I tromping by and disturbing its meal. So when we were stopped the pig slowly (I don't know that Pot bellied pigs can move quickly) started to advance grunting in displeasure.  Whin was slightly alarmed and started to back up away from the angry possibly "dangerous" pig. 
Things could have gotten hairy but fortunately once I gave Whin the pep talk that she is the biggest and doesn't need to be afraid of pigs I had her face the pig and the Pig backed off, still grunting its displeasure.

So that was my ride yesterday, a pig/horse face off.

All King Edwards Horses Call Me Blessed Fool


  1. I used to have a pig stalled next to a previous OTTB I owned, and said OTTB could have cared less about said pig when they were in the confines of their neighboring "rooms". However, if you took the horse out of his stall and asked him to walk by the pig, it was as if you were asking him to walk by a pissed off Godzilla. Why horses find pigs so scary is beyond me.

    1. Carly that is so funny, I am glad its not just my horse!