Friday, February 6, 2015

The DYI rider

I am largly a DYI rider, with the acception of the first 90 I have done all the riding on Whin. But now that I have a new trainer that can ride I am starting to see the light of having a trainer ride your horse.
Yesterday in our lesson my trainer rode most of the time. 
Before I had, had trainers get on when things were not going great,but now I see the value in having a trainer regularly get on.
It is so nice to have a trainer hop on because than they get to feel what is going on. My trainer realized that my horse was throwing her haunches in and her shoulder out and then tilting her nose instead of really bending around my leg. This is on her harder side  which is why it has never felt as through.

Also Willow started to do her backing up thing, it was so nice to see how my trainer dealt with it, and got her through it.

So now we have new stuff to work on and I had the benefit of hopping on afterward and feel how Whin is supposed to go.

So I am still a DYIer but I think my trainer hopping on  is great.

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