Saturday, June 29, 2013

False Advertisement

The Name of this blog is a bit misleading, Its really just about one horse and there are no Kings or Edwards involved with this blog.  It is however a riding journal of my daily (almost) struggle to master (or even grasp the smallest concept of) the "Art" of Dressage.
 Knowing myself I will probably also feel the need to share pictures of  beautiful saddle pads that I only dream about owning and outfitting my Mare with.
 I suppose this is when I should introduce myself, I am an illustrator and riding is my hobby. I have owned Whin since she was a yearling.Whin, is a chestnut mare that very much lives up to the stereotype of the redhead mare.  

We are pretty low key and we are just showing first level in local competitions.
If you want to follow along with our adventures on this little blog please do.

All King Edward's Horses Can Make Best Friends

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